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Detroit Transportation


Transportation is about moving people and goods from one place to another using a variety of vehicles, luxury transportation has a deeper meaning and it means comfortable, high class vehicle and enjoyable service.
The experience of high quality transportation leaves a good effect on person’s mood. Detroit ground transportation has not just a good effect but also historical effects.
Detroit, the largest city in Michigan, is famous of its delicious food and its history about “the motor city of the USA”, where the manufacturing of cars was started for the first time. Detroit hosts huge companies as Ford motors, Chrysler and General motors.

 Detroit Transportation

Transportation in Detroit ignite the blaze of the revolution on racism, when Rosa parks refused to obey bus driver in order to give up her seat in the colored section to a white passenger, after the white section was filled.
Detroit is an important transportation hub. The city has three international border crossings, the Ambassador Bridge, Detroit–Windsor Tunnel and Michigan Central Railway Tunnel, linking Detroit to Windsor, Ontario.
It is possible to stay in downtown Detroit without a vehicle, but at your transfer to Detroit metro airport, Ann Arbor and Lansing airport, you may order a unique car for a unique transfer with reasonable prices by metroblacksedans.